Manuscript Sources

Lambeth Palace Library
MSS. Fulham Palace Papers. 42 vols. Letters and Papers of the Bishops of London and Colonial American clergymen, 1628-1783
MSS. 1123. American Colonies: Correspondence to and from the Archbishops of Canterbury. Part I. 1725-1754. II. 1755-1760. III. 1760-1763
MSS. S.P.G. Papers. 17 vols. Minutes, financial records, and correspondence from 1701-11, 1737-50 of the Society. Also includes some later correspondence of the Archbishops of Canterbury relating to American affairs.

Guildhall Library
MSS. 9535. Bishops Registers and Ordination Registers, London Diocese. Vol. II. 1578-1628. III. 1675-1809
MSS 9535A. London Diocese, Index, Ordination Registers of Bishops of London
MSS 9540. London Diocese, Subscription Registers
MSS. 9540A. London Diocese, Additional Subscription Books Vol. I. 1757-1765; II. 1775-1796

Bodleian Library
MSS Deposits C. 238 and 246. Letters and Papers of Edmund Gibson, Bishop of London
MSS. Rawlinson B. 375. London Diocese, 1662 to 1709, fo. 12-200, Bishop of London Henry Compton, signatures of Colonial American clergymen submitting to the Act of Uniformity; signatures of clergymen conforming to the liturgy of the Church of England
MSS. Rawlinson, B. 376, fo. 102-11, Clergymen Licensed to America, 1715-16, by Bishop of London John Robinson
MSS. Rawlinson, C. 393, Correspondence and documents of Bishop of London John Robinson for American colonial church affairs
MSS. Rawlinson, C. 983. Correspondence and documents on American colonial church affairs of the London Diocese during the episcopate of Henry Compton (1675-1713)
MSS. Rawlinson, C.801 (5), fo. 24-72. Extracted list of Ordinations of Bishop of London Henry Compton, 1684-1710.

Rhodes House Library
Archives of the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts, London
MSS. S.P.G. A. Copies of Letters to and from Missionaries in America, 1702-1736. 26 vols.
MSS. S.P.G. B. Letters to and from Missionaries in America, 1702-1784, 25 vols.
MSS Box B 26. Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont
I. Southern Colonies: Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, East Florida, 1712-1745
II. Southern Colonies: Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, East Florida, 1759-1784
III. New York and New Jersey 1640-1730
IV. New York and New Jersey 1730
V. Connecticut 1635-1796
VI. Rhode Island 1658-1800
VII. Massachusetts 1712-1812
VIII. Pennsylvania 1703-1784
IX. Virginia and Pennsylvania Deeds 1691-1767
X. Letters sent to America 1731-1734
MSS S.P.G. C. H. Boxes
C. H. I. Government and North America, 1715-1830
C. H. VII. Administration and Finance, 1709-1726
C. H. VIII. Administration and Finance, 1727-1805
C. H. XII. Benefactions, Property, and Legal Papers, 1712-1779
C. H. XV. Subscriptions paid to the Society, 1712-1853
MSS S.P.G. Z300, Z301; Catalogue of Books requested by and sent to the Society's missionaries. Vol. I. 1704-1739; Vol. II. 1739-1790
MSS S.P.G. Journals: Minutes of the Society's Meetings, 1701-1784. 23 vols.
Journal Appendix A., Documents 1701-1810
Journal Appendix B., Documents 1701-1711
MSS S.P.G. Minutes of the Meetings of the Standing Committee, 1710-1784. 49 vols.
S.P.G. Anniversary Sermons and Annual Reports, 1701-1789. 11 vols.

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